Pro Star Hockey Development Inc. is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Pro Star offers a variety of services for two main client groups:

1. Individual Players

We offer hockey camps and development opportunities for players at the initiation level and above. At Pro Star we pride ourselves on providing a level of professional instruction that players may not normally have the opportunity to experience. We also understand that development is enhanced by creating a fun and positive hockey environment for the players.

2. Minor Hockey Associations

Minor Hockey Associations are under tremendous pressure to deliver a highly organized development experience. We offer solutions to 2 areas which are traditionally high friction points between minor hockey associations and its membership: coach performance and player evaluations.



To offer the best hockey development experience. Period.


To provide premier player and coach development by utilizing a staff of expert coaches. We offer a wide range of services to improve individual players, coaches and minor hockey associations.


Hockey Expertise
Positive Experience